While every business celebration should be considered to be important, the timing can be everything. When it is to take place is all going to depend on the reason for the celebration in the first place. One of the most common celebrations is the Company Anniversary. This should be considered to be a big and important celebration. Simply because it can do so much for the brand and the celebration itself sends an important message. It is a visual display that the company has become established and is a success which is the crux of the celebration.


Ideally, the timing for the event should be very close to the actual anniversary date of the business. A little early or late is fine. But when these types of celebrations are held year after year it develops a pattern. The timing will soon become recognized and people will start looking forward to it. Quite often when an anniversary celebration is being held it is open to the public and the company runs some good promotions which become part of the celebration. Shoppers, for example, will often set their buying needs aside if they know that the yearly anniversary is on the horizon. As each year passes and the event is a successful one then many times word of mouth will bring new clients to the business each year to take advantage of the celebrations.


There should always be some consistency to this type of celebration. But, at the same time there should be some variety. In other words those who are going to attend will know that this is going to be a good event but they want something to look forward to. The timing should also coincide with the sales promotion that are applicable to the time of year. For example, if this is a summer celebration and outdoor products are part of the product line then these would be ideal for the celebration sale. Yet, at the same time to change things up a bit the opposite approach could be taken, where winter items where put on the sales roster. This is where the variety comes into play.